About us

Milou was conceptualized in the beautiful snow-clad mountains and the scenic meadows of Switzerland. Milou's exciting journey as a swiss kids brand started in 1987. In 2002, Picabo Textiles GmbH, Zurich bought Milou's brand ownership and now sells it exclusively in Coop City store across Switzerland. By 2004, Milou started its global journey, an inspiration to create exciting and comfortable kids wear for children across the world.

In our journey so far, we have established more than 200 store across Europe and Asia.
We strive to create comfortable, stylish and elegant clothing for children aged 0-12 that keeps them smiling.
Our clothes are an expression of their happiness and attitude.

Our journey of 30+ years has been blessed by the happy smiles off parents and children
who shower their love on Milou.

European Quality Standards
Skin-friendly Dyes
Soothing Organic Cotton Fabric
Trendy and Elegant Designs
Value for money pricing

A child’s mind is like pure water, reflecting everything it sees. Like the crystal-clear waters of the Lake Cumo reflects the gorgeous sceneries of the Swiss Alps, Milou wanted to create signature clothing for children that reflected their happiness, innocence, and mischief.

At Milou, we wanted to fill the gap that existed between what the children would get to wear and what the parents were looking for. We took special care to procure special quality of clothes to suit the soft skin of the children. We researched extensively and chose inks that were skin-friendly and eco-friendly.

Our new range of kids clothing is inspired by Reflections. It resulted from our desire to create clothing that reflects the joys of parenting and childhood.

Our Commitment

  • To create comfortable clothing that reflects the child’s innocence and blissfull nature.
  • To create trendy and ethnic dresses that suit regions and celebrations.
  • To create quality clothing that adhere to strict European quality processes.
  • To deliver comfortable, trendy and fun-to-wear Swiss kids wear at affordable rates.
  • To adhere to lawful and ethical business policies that care for the environment and the society.
  • To offer an exclusive and child-friendly shopping experience online and offline.